• School Emergency and Drill Information for Parents/Guardians

    Our student’s safety is our top priority. School routines can be affected by weather related events, national
    events and local or on-site emergencies. Twin Cities International Schools utilizes the school phone tree
    system to communicate to parents via phone call and/or email/text in the event of an emergency.

    Parents/guardians need to keep their contact information current and notify the school if there are any

    The nature of the emergency dictates what sort of response protocol school officials will put in place to
    help ensure the safety and wellbeing of students, staff and visitors. When a situation arises at your child’s
    school, it is important to know these terms:

    Regular safety drills are conducted throughout the school year. Practice drills include: fire/evacuation,
    tornado, and lockdown. The school is required to hold 5 fire drills, 5 lockdown drills, and one tornado
    drill annually.

    When the fire alarm sounds, the students and staff leave the building in a quiet, orderly fashion. All
    persons will move away from the building to designated areas at least 50 feet from the building. All
    students are accounted for prior to returning to the building through the use of a color-coded system.

    In the event of a tornado or drill, an announcement will be made over the school address system. Students
    get in a crouched position in a designated interior safe area free of potentially falling debris and glass. In
    the event of an “eminent threat,” if time allows, all students from the 2 nd floor will move to a safe location
    on the 1 st floor. In the event this occurs at dismissal time, no students or staff will be permitted to leave
    the building until the threat has passed.

    Should the need for a lockdown occur, an announcement is made over the school address system. If
    known, more information will be provided such as “lockdown with Active Shooter, or lockdown with
    intruder, etc…” All students, staff & visitors should find a secure location immediately. Lights should be
    turned off and windows covered. All interior and exterior doors will be locked. Remain in the location
    until an all clear is called through the school address system or room are cleared by local law
    enforcement. Other situations when a lockdown may occur is if there is an outside threat near the school
    but may not pertain directly to the school. Students will not be released to a parent during a lockdown and
    no visitors or students will be permitted entrance to the school.

    Shelter In-Place
    During a shelter in-place call, classes proceed as normal within their rooms, however, must remain in
    their location until an “all clear” has been called through the school address system. This clears the
    hallways and provides privacy and support in the event of needing to get medical attention to a student or
    staff or a potentially unsafe situation. There is no danger to other students or staff during this response.
    Depending on the scenario, students may not be released to a parent during a lockdown and visitors or
    students may not be permitted entrance to the school.

    In the event of certain emergency situations, student will be moved from the school to a reunification site.
    This occurs when reentry to the school on the same day is not possible. If this occurs, the school will
    provide this information to parents through the phone tree system, the school’s website and potentially by
    our local media outlets. Students will be released only to parent/guardians who are documented as
    emergency contacts and who present a picture ID. This procedure is necessary to account for the
    whereabouts of all students. The reunification process can be time-consuming, so parents are urged to be

    TCIS reunification site: Metro Schools: 620 Olson Memorial Hwy, Minneapolis, MN 55411

    As a parent/guardian, what do I do in an emergency?
    In a school emergency, the first instinct as a parent/guardian is to pick up the telephone and start calling
    the school or your child or rush up the school to get your child(ren). However, this can often complicate
    matters from a safety and security standpoint. Here are some tips for parents/guardians to follow in an

     Stay close to your phone and wait for the phone tree call/text
     Monitor local radio and TV report for updates and instructions
     Rely on official communication from the school

    DO NOT:
     Rush to the school, as your presence could interfere with emergency responders
     Phone your child or your child’s school. For safety reasons, it is important to keep lines of
    communication open for emergency response.

    Prior to any emergency situation, please assist the school by ensuring the emergency contact information
    on file is complete, accurate and current. This will help the school communicate important information to
    you in a timely manner and help with a smooth reunification process if necessary.

    If you have questions regarding school safety and security, please contact the school administrators, Mr.
    Abdirashid W., Mr. Ismail A., and Ms. Kelli W. at (612)821-6470