• Mr. Zuhair Qassem oversees the transportation services for Twin Cities International Schools. Please call 612-203-3249 or 612-465-8418 with any questions regarding transportation.

    Twin Cities International Schools contracts transportation services with Monarch Bus Service.

    Delayed Bus
    Bus routes are sometimes delayed due to traffic, weather, construction, or other situations.
    Check for bus status on your phone using the App provided, monitor text or voice mail sent by the school regarding late buses. 
    If your bus is late, we recommend your student stay at the bus stop. Please create a plan and discuss with your student what to do if their bus is late.

  • Mr. Zuhair Q.
    Transportation Coordinator
    Cell Phone: 612-203-3249
    Office Phone: 612-465-8418

    Mr. Isudin A.
    Cell Phone: 612-895-9495
    Work Hours: 6:00AM to 10:00AM