• Welcome to 6th Grade!

       In-Person learning will resume Monday May 17th, 2021

    MCA TESTING Infortmation:

    Tuesday May 4th- Reading MCA Grades 3-8 (8:30/9am Parent Drop off & 2pm Parent Pick-up)

    Thursday May 6th- Math MCA Grades 3-8 (8:30/9am Parent Drop off & 2pm Parent Pick-up)

    Monday May 10th- Science MCA Grades 5 & 8 only (8:30/9am Parent Drop off & 1pm Parent Pick-up)

    *If you do not plan to take the MCA please contact the main office*


    Below is the attendance form for any "In-Person Learning" students on quarantine or who are home due to a sibling being ill. If you are in distance learning all of the time you do NOT use this attendance form (your attendance is taken at your live lessons). 


    Report Attendance- learning from home



    For the week of March 22 everyone will follow the Distance Learning schedule below:


    8:14am- 1st hour

     9:15am- 2nd hour

    10:16am- 3rd Hour

    LUNCH:  10:55-11:15 am

    11:37am- 4th Hour

    12:37pm- 5th Hour

    1:38pm- 6th Hour



     8:02am- 1st hour

    8:43am- 2nd hour

    9:24am- 3rd Hour

    10:05am-4th Hour

    LUNCH:  10:30-10:50 am 

    11:06am- 5th Hour

    11:47am- 6th Hour