• Professional Development & Instructional Feedback

    1. Every teacher will have a professional development Plan (PDP) and will identify one SMART goal. 
    2. Teachers will conduct Peer Observations quarterly.
    3. Teachers will record and reflect on lessons twice.
    4. Formative observations will be conducted to provide meaningful feedback.
    5. Summative Observations will be conducted.
    6. Grade Level PLC's will be held Mondays from 3-3:45pm.
    7. Content PLC's will be held Wednesdays from 3-4pm.
    8. Early Release Wednesdays will be held through out the year so PD can take place from 1-4pm.

    Curriculum & Instruction Documents (Feedback will be provided)

    • Curriculum Map 
    • Unit Plans & Summative Assessments 
    • Provide Student Feedback
    • Daily Lessons & Learning targets posted on your website