• The meals served at Twin Cities International Schools are so good you might think you’re eating in a restaurant if you were to have lunch here. That’s because CKC Good Food®, the school’s catering company, started in the restaurant business – and it wasn’t the fast food business. 

    CKC Good Food approaches school lunches just like they used to in a restaurant. Restaurants need to make delicious meals based on creative recipes, using quality ingredients, fresh herbs and spices, seasonal fruits and vegetables, to please their customers and get them to come back and to tell others. That’s a recipe for success.

    Similarly, CKC Good Food provides Twin Cities International Schools with creative meals that may be different than what you might expect: lunches include tasty main courses like tacos in a bag, buffalo chicken sandwiches and oriental chicken salads, and ethnic dishes such as chicken queso nachos and General Tso’s chicken. Only the freshest ingredients, purchased locally whenever possible, and herbs and spices are used to enhance the flavor of the dishes. Each recipe is developed by an executive chef and a registered dietitian, and is refined through several rounds of taste testing by students and adults before its added to the menu.

    Through our meals, kids learn healthy eating habits that will stay with them for a lifetime. If your child eats school meals, please ask about his or her lunch every day. Help foster your child’s interest in fresh, wholesome foods. If your child does not normally eat at school, please consider allowing him or her to do so. It could open up a positive new eating experience.

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