Student Council 2019-2020


    Distance Learning Student Council Meeting-- Wednesday April 8, 2020 at 9am-9:30am.  Click here for the link to the google meet and access to google classroom (kayk6vl)

                                   Hangouts Meet: Google's recommended webcams, headsets - 9to5Google                                     




     The purpose of student council is:

    • To develop positive attitudes and to practice good citizenship.
    • To promote harmonious relations throughout the entire school.
    • To improve student/faculty relationships.
    • To improve school morale and general welfare.
    • To provide a forum for student expression.
    • To plan special events or projects.

    Objectives of the Student council are to:

    • Provide a democratic form in which students can address those school related issues, which affect their lives.
    • Maintain open communication between students and school staff.
    • Train students in the duties and responsibilities of good citizenship.
    • Students must be very responsible people who are willing to work hard.   As student council members you will be called to serve other students by representing their issues.  The council does not have the power to change policies, only to voice student opinion.
    • School beautification.  Clean up, painting, repairing, etc.
    • Student opinion polls, student council newsletter, Assemblies, Homeroom competitions, student service jobs

    Classroom representatives:

    Applications will go out to every student we will select 1 student per homeroom to be a classroom representative.  

    Student Secretary, Student Vice President, and Student President:

    Applications will go out to every 8th grade student.  Applicants will make a brief campagin video that will be shown during homeroom. Then each nominee will appear on a ballet and the entire school will vote for 1 candidate per position.

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