• 4th Grade Website

    Fourth grade is a leadership year for students. They are role models for the younger students in our school! In the classroom, fourth graders are mastering social skills such as teamwork and responsibility. In math, students will learn multi-digit multiplication and division, decimals, fractions, and geometry. In reading, students will learn comprehension strategies for reading fiction and non-fiction texts. Some academic highlights include field trips to the Bakken Museum, the Minnesota History Center, and a theater, as well as a state research project. Things to work on daily at home with fourth grade students include mastering basic subtraction, addition, multiplication, and division facts. IXL is a great resource to use when mastering these facts.

    Fourth graders should also read at least twenty minutes every day at home for enjoyment! The key to success with at-home reading is for students to find books they enjoy and for someone at home to hold them accountable. Some resources for getting books include the public library, school library, or Raz Kids. The fourth grade teachers are looking forward to inspiring and empowering each student to reach their full potential this year.