• Reading

    K-4 Advanced Learners

    Enrichment is an interesting and rigorous program that aims to challenge students to their highest potential. In Enrichment classes, students work hard in collaborative groups to expand their thinking beyond typical grade level materials. Reading students will strengthen their skills with above grade-level texts and a focus on seeing all possible answers/solutions to a problem. Academic highlights include the use of Junior Great Books and a variety of novel studies. Masterminds students will learn about science, history, math and logic puzzles. Academic highlights include units focused on snails, slime mold, volcanoes, various science experiments, Ancient Egypt, Sudoku, and an assortment of brain-strengthening logic puzzles. By asking students what they learned in school today, and encouraging more personal research into topics the students are interested in, parents can encourage students to dig deeper into the topics we explore. I am looking forward to watching my students grow into open-minded, considerate, and conscientious learners.