• During the school closure due to COVID-19, beginning on Monday, March 30th, 2020, the school will be operating as normal as possible but working remotely. Should, students, parents/guardians, and/or the public need assistance during this time, please use the following contacts:

    Executive Director: Abdirashid Warsame - Email: abdirashidw@iecmail.net
    K-4 School Director: Kelli Wilson Smith - Email: kelliw@iecmail.net
    5-8 School Director: Faysal Ali - Email: faysala@iecmail.net

    School Enrollment, School Records Requests & MARSS: Fardos Jama - Email: fardosj@iecmail.net

    Parent Liaison/Social Worker: Ahmed Gedi - Email: ahmedg@iecmail.net
    School Counselor Grades K-4: Mike Ogorek - Email: mikeo@iecmail.net
    School Counselor Grades 5-8: Lori Skarupa - Email: loris@iecmail.net

    Human Resources K-4: Paul Ditter - Email: pauld@iecmail.net
    Human Resources 5-8: Maimuna Muse - Email: maimunam@iecmail.net

    Building Operations & Vendors: Maimuna Muse - Email: maimunam@iecmail.net

    Accounts Payable & Receivable: Abdulkadir Salah - Email: abdulkadirs@iecmail.net

    Main School Phone: (612) 821-6470
    School FAX will not be in operation during the school closure.

    Please email documents to the specific contact above.

    For general faxes/emails please send to:
    TCIS Office Manger: Alexis Leathes - Email: alexisl@iecmail.net

    For questions on school provided childcare for parents who work in the medical field, are emergency responders or other state designated positions, please contact the main school phone (612) 821-6470.