• During the 2020-21 School Year, the school will be operating as normal as possible but may, at times, be working remotely. If students, parents/guardians, and/or the public need assistance during this time, please use the following contacts:

    Executive Director: Abdirashid Warsame - Email: abdirashidw@iecmail.net
    K-4 School Director: Kelli Wilson Smith - Email: kelliw@iecmail.net
    5-8 School Director: Ismail Ahmed - Email: ismaila@iecmail.net

    School Enrollment, School Records Requests & MARSS: Fardos Jama - Email: fardosj@iecmail.net

    Parent Liaison/Social Worker: Ahmed Gedi - Email: ahmedg@iecmail.net
    School Counselor Grades 5-8: Lori Skarupa - Email: loris@iecmail.net

    Human Resources K-4: Paul Ditter - Email: pauld@iecmail.net
    Human Resources 5-8: Maimuna Muse - Email: maimunam@iecmail.net

    Building Operations & Vendors: Maimuna Muse - Email: maimunam@iecmail.net

    Accounts Payable & Receivable: Abdulkadir Salah - Email: abdulkadirs@iecmail.net

    Main School Phone: (612) 821-6470
    School FAX: (612) 821-6477 will be checked periodically even if the school is utilizing a distance learning model. You may also email documents to the specific contact above.

    For general faxes/emails please send to:
    TCIS Office Receptionist: Alexis Leathes - Email: alexisl@iecmail.net

    For questions on school provided childcare for parents whose work is qualified under the state of MN Tier I Critical Employees list, please contact the main school phone (612) 821-6470.