• What is an ANNUAL REPORT?

    Minnesota Statutes, section 124D.10, Subdivision 14: “A charter school must publish an annual report approved by the board of directors.

    The annual report must at least include information on:

    1. School enrollment,
    2. Student attrition,
    3. Governance and management,
    4. Staffing,
    5. Finances,
    6. Academic performance,
    7. Innovative practices and implementation, and
    8. Future plans.

    A charter school must post the annual report on the school’s official website. A charter school must also distribute the annual report by publication, mail, or electronic means to its authorizer, school employees, and parents and legal guardians of students enrolled in the charter school. The reports are public data under chapter 13.”

    The annual report for the previous school year is scheduled to be approved  at the November School Board meeting each year. It will be posted following its approval.

    2021-2022 Annual Report