• Twin Cities International Schools provides a comprehensive program for students with varying disabilities. Services are provided to students from kindergarten to fourth grade. TCIS follows the “least restrictive” model of special education where students participate in the regular education setting to the maximum extent possible.  TCIS contracts its special education director services through Indigo Education.

    The following is a brief list of our special education service providers:

    Special Education Teachers
    The special education teacher provides services to students who qualify for alternative educational instruction, ranging in severity from mild to moderate and serving the areas of academics, behavior, adaptive or social skills.

    Adaptive Physical Education Teacher
    The role of the D/APE teacher is to help students achieve success in the area of gross motor fitness. The DAPE teacher will: work with students of all disabilities who demonstrate specific needs in the areas of gross motor skills work with students in the mainstream PE class, in small groups or individually consult with mainstream PE teachers about adaptations and safety issues.

    Autism Specialist
    The Autism Specialist consults with regular and special education teachers, principals and parents to help them build learning strategies, for children with Autism. In addition they attend regional and state Autism meetings and conferences, providing current information and resources to staff and parents. The Autism Specialist plays an integral role on the IEP team, by providing current assessment data.

    Speech-Language Pathologists
    The Speech and Language Pathologist serves students with identified speech-language disabilities, in addition they evaluate students with whom parents or teachers have a specific speech or language concern, as well as consult with parents and teachers about speech and language development and how the disabilities may affect academic progress.

    Occupational Therapists
    The Occupational Therapist works with students who are identified as having a disability and demonstrate needs in regard to sensory, perceptual or fine motor limitations that impact their ability to participate in activities related to their educational program.

    School Psychologist
    The role of the School Psychologist is to consult with parents and teachers regarding behavior, development, emotional concerns and education planning. 
    Each School Psychologist is a special education team member; they administer intellectual, behavioral and other assessment tools and are part of the assessment team.

    Deaf/Hard of Hearing Teacher
    Teachers of Deaf/Hard of Hearing are licensed teachers who work with students who have been identified and meet state criteria for deaf/hard of hearing services or are in need of an assessment to determine eligibility.

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