• At Twin Cities International Schools, we are all language teachers. In order to ensure that all students are succeeding in obtaining academic English, all teachers are trained in teaching English to their students. In 2006, our school adopted the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) Model in order to meet the language needs of all students. In this model, teachers differentiate language, develop highly structured lessons, and use non-linguistic support, such as pictures, objects, films, and hands-on activities, to present lessons.

    In addition, TCIS teachers collaborate with 3 licensed ESL teachers in order to bring language instruction into the classroom. ESL teachers work in classrooms to teach Math, Social Studies, Science in order to meet the need of all language learners. The ESL teachers also teach Reading and Intervention blocks which support the learning targets of each grade level. The collaboration between classroom teachers and ESL teachers, as well as the frequent research-based training in SIOP, allow our students to gain academic language in all content areas.

    The complete TCIS EL Handbook is available upon request. Please email elliel@iecmail.net for a copy. 

    Identification of ELLs
    Assessments to Determine Eligibility
    EL Program
    Exit Criteria