• Parent Academy

    Over the past two years, Twin Cities International School staff, teachers, parents and students have immensely benefited from a series of training and workshops on home-school relationships, parental involvement and pedagogy and culture presented by a Somali-born British scholar ( Dr Nuur Hassan) the author of ‘ The role of Somali Parents in their children’s Education. Building on these successful research-based workshops, Twin Cities International Schools adopted a curriculum for the parent academy known a: Parent Assuring Student Success (PASS). The "PASS program draws on the talents and energies of parents to assist educators in raising educational standards for every child”. The first part of the program teaches parents what it takes to become an effective learner. The focus is on study skills, including well-known learning strategies. The second part of the program gives parents the opportunity to acquire skills in teaching and reinforcing critical study habits we want students to use at home.

    Schedules, dates, and topics for the school year