• Monica Ms. Monica has been a classroom teacher since 2002 and has worked at Twin Cities International Schools since 2008. She has worked with elementary age students from Kindergarten to fourth grade in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Monica earned her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Wisconsin in River Falls and her Master of Arts Degree from Saint Mary’s University in Minneapolis. Most recently she earned her Gifted and Talented Teaching Certificate from Hamline University in Minneapolis.

    Monica collaborates with many of the classroom teachers in both the Reading and Masterminds aspects of her job. Working together with the reading team and the librarian, Monica is constantly thinking of new ways to enhance the reading program to benefit her students. In her second grade reading class, students are challenged beyond the grade level learning targets with above grade-level texts and gifted reading resources from The College of William and Mary. A study of Maude Hart Lovelace book award nominees and Junior Great Books are used in her fourth grade reading class to encourage flexible thinking and open-mindedness.

    The Masterminds program at Twin Cities International Schools is an intervention program that focuses on giving students more time to master the learning targets that are most challenging for them. In Monica’s enrichment Masterminds classes, students are challenged mathematically, going above and beyond the grade level learning targets, aiming to expand the students’ mathematic abilities while instilling a life-long enjoyment of math. Lessons utilize Fermi Math, literary resources embedded with mathematics, numerous online math websites, a variety of math games, and SMART Board technology.